My Small-size Bicyrobo – 2010 version


1. General information:

Project title: Balancing Control of Bicycle Robot using Robust and Optimal H2/H Control with Reduced-Order Controllers.

Principle Investigator: Dr. Bui Trung Thanh

Implementing institution: Hung Yen University of Technology and Education

Duration: from 2/2009 to 11/2010 (completed)

2. Objective(s):

  • To design and develop a bicycle robot prototype with a flywheel balancing system which can carry loads with varied weights. The robot can be controlled for balancing even at a stationary position, going forward or backward, and turning left or right.
  • To design, simulate and implement ACO-based reduced-order H2/H controllers for balancing control of the designed bicycle robot.
  • To implement designed controllers using C language programming on the microcontroller ATMEGA128.
  • To evaluate the obtained controllers: Comparison of the proposed controllers with the conventional controllers (PID, full order H2/H controllers) in term of performance, and practicality.

3. Creativeness and innovativeness:

To develop new control algorithms using ACO optimization method

4. Research results:

Developing two new control algorithms:

  • Reduced-order H loop shaping based on ACO applied to balancing control of bicycle robot.
  • Robust and optimal reduced-order mixed H2/H control based on ACO.

5. Products:

  • Robot prototype
  • One international journal (on Journal of Systems and Control Engineering)
  • Two conference papers (Proceeding of the IEICE Workshop on Integrated Circuit Design in Vietnam and Proceeding of The 2010 International Conference on Advanced Technologies for Communications).

My completed projects at UTEHY

The following are my completed projects at UTEHY (Hung Yen University of Technology and Education)

1. Rescue Robot

Rescue Robot

In a collapsed structure of the disasters, human rescuers have a very short time to find trapped victims. The chance of finding victims still alive is nearly zero. In these critical situations, robots have been proposed to help rescuers to perform rescue-tasks. Robots which work under disasters environment are called Rescue-Robot. Stairs-climbing ability is the crucial performance of a mobile robot for urban environment mission. The track type mobile mechanism is selected for the locomotion of the robot because of its advantages such as high stability, easy to control, low terrain pressure, and continuous drive. Stairs-climbing is a complicated process for a tracked mobile robot under kinematics and dynamics constraints. This project designs a mobile robot with the tele-control and tele-monitoring.

2. Autonomous Mobile Robot

Autonomous mobile robot

This project designs and manufactures an autonomous mobile robot. The Robot is designed so that it can move automatically in pre-set paths. A special characteristic of the Robot is that it can move flexibly in narrow spaces by using omni-directional wheels. To implement the above requirement, the Robot is controlled by a PIC16F877A microcontroller along with four DC motors and driver circuits. In addition, it is equipped with incremental encoders to detect the velocity as well as position of the Robot. In the future, the Robot can be developed for applications such as home, library or hospital service

3. Welding Robot

Welding robot

Welding robots have been widely applied in industry. This project aims to develop a 3 DOF welding robot prototype for teaching Industrial Robotics at UTEHY.

4. Robocon 2009

Robocon 2009

The above picture shows two Robots of ICE-TEA team which is designed for the ABU Robot Contest 2009 (Robocon 2009). This team has received a price for “THE BEST IDEA” in the contest.



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