Oversea Vietnamese Researchers and Educators Network



Dear friends and colleagues,

We you like to introduce you about a newly established network of overseas Vietnamese, the OVREN – Overseas Vietnamese Researcher and Educator Network. Nowadays, several thousands of Vietnamese are working overseas as either a researcher or educator or both. They have become a significant part of the scientific communities locally or internationally. Nevertheless, there have been no network to connect all these Vietnameses together. For this reason, OVREN was established with the intention to be the first and the only network for overseas Vietnamese scientists. Allow us to take this opportunity to invite you and your colleagues to be part of our dynamic society. Since OVREN is made by scientists and for scientists, we believe we have many common interests that we could share with each other. 

At OVREN we have rooms for scientists at all levels starting from those in graduate schools to faculty members. OVREN has an ambition to be a place where junior scientists come to seek advice while senior scientists go there to extend his/her vision to younger generations. Plus that there is no fee to be an OVRENer! 

We are looking forward to seeing your participation in our network. If you think your friends might be interested in joining our network (or just to let them know about the existence of OVREN), please do not hesitate to forward this website to them. 



Sincerely Yours

Bui Trung Thanh, Executive Member.




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